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The possibility of devoting whole days to nothing but video games is a luxury of the past unavailable to me at this time, or for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. Adding little humans who look like me to my life has dramatically reduced my available free time, and I recently realized that this changes not only the number of games I play, but the types of games I play as well.

I’ve wanted to find myself stuck in a huge, high-quality RPG for months now – and god knows I’ve had enough of it just sitting in my backlog – but despite Switch’s ease of hanging the game and just how easy it is. is easy to kick a game up, keeping up with the characters and storylines over the months is too much for my sleep-deprived, muddled brain to handle. Add a pandemic and I have a hard time remembering the names of my immediate family members. ‘RPG Mage Dude # 12’ doesn’t stand a chance.

I recently threw in the towel with Paper Mario: The Origami King. I did this right after the infamous and touching ‘unfortunate event’ involving a band member, and there’s a lot to love about the game, but quality writing and visuals ultimately couldn’t sustain me. through his long, largely unnecessary battles – not on the 30 o’clock rather than he apparently wants me. Maybe I’ll wait for a non-aggression patch that completely removes battles. I would finish it then.

In fact, over the last couple of weeks, the thing I’ve played the most is Sonic the Hedgehog – the Sega Ages version of M2, specifically the Green Hill Zone Act 1 time trial. little fun mode that has only one opening level and lets you run from start to finish in the fastest possible time. With a personal best 23.38 seconds, at the time of writing, I’m currently 484th fastest alive after working hard to beat my previous best run, captured as a video below:

Yeah, I know – jumping into those fish towards the end was sub-optimal. This run only got me 1310th place.

Play the same level over and over again – constantly fine-tuning my strategy and timing; wondering if it’s faster to hustle that badnik crab and sail through the air to another Drop Dash or just avoid it altogether; decide if speeding up a Spin Dash at the start is Actually the fastest way out of the line – reminded me of how many times I have played at this level. As a Sega kid, the Mega Drive was my first console and Sonic was my second platform game (Castle of illusion supplied with the system). As I burned and tried again on Switch several times in a row, I started to wonder how many times I had walked this exact landscape in my life. I must have literally played this scene thousands many times since childhood.

And although there are several routes to explore, I very rarely stray from my favorite path these days; the route you see in the race above is one that I’ve been taking for years now, every time I run through the game for a nostalgia shot. I explored all the other roads thirty years ago; these days I’m just looking to build muscle memory and get to Comfort Food Gaming Zone as quickly as possible.

The highest ranked time as I write this is 19.60 seconds, one of six rankings below 20 seconds in the top 10. Which is good, though, that each of those 10 best times comes with it. a video replay showing you exactly the route taken by these players through the level and the buttons they pressed. Watching SonicKings’ run shows that they not only used a Spin Dash to get off the line faster, but also took a whole different route through the level, a route that I took in my own runs more fast. Lots of food for thought if I ever want to shave another four seconds.

That’s what my life as a gamer is right now: replaying the same short, nostalgic level loop over and over again … and that’s awesome! This is exactly what I am looking for at the moment. Tom recently wrote on proofreading Sonic 2, and Kate wrote a while ago about how time-looping games have been a comfort for the past year or so – I guess I just took that to the extreme. I got hooked on Rogue Legacy last year, but have now reduced my play times to under 30 seconds and added a huge dollop of familiar wellbeing.

I still get the RPG itch all the time, and I regularly wish I could settle in and lose myself in epic turn-based or noodle-y combat, filled with numbers (one where battles are more than one). simple filling of roadblocks). Maybe I’ll have to wait for Breath of the Wild 2 for that. The children will be a little older then, so I should have slightly more free time by 2022. They will be even older when this game also comes out in 2024. / jokes

Until then, only being able to cross Green Hill Zone Act 1 a dozen times a day is not a bad way to stay in the game.

What level do you think you’ve played the most at? Let us know below.

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