How to stream the Texans vs Colts game online

The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans are successful on opposite sides of the game.

The Colts finally have their ideal combination of offensive lines, and Jonathan Taylor bludgeons the defenses running behind. Passing games under 250 are a constant occurrence for Carson Wentz. Read about the passing options, tilts and crosses, and deep lifts that result in a pass interference penalty, compliment Taylor’s incredible season.

They also have excellent running defense. Their forehead is brutal and led by the quick and intelligent Darius Leonard who has a knack for kicking the ball. Grover Stewart is one of the best advocates in indoor racing. And even their slot cornerback Kenny Moore is a devil against the run. The Colts this season have spat at the analysis of football. Throw the ball. Stop the race. These are the things they are built on.

Houston can’t do any of these things. They have one of the worst running attacks in the NFL and one of the worst running defenses in the NFL. They played many combinations of offensive lines and found no success with any of them. Their aging and laboring backroom is now commanded by Rex Burkhead, and getting three yards per reach is an accomplishment. The defense is hampered by clumsy runs from Lovie Smith, poor play around the edges and linebackers who constantly find themselves running out of plays. The wrong tackle only makes things worse.

This one should be quick and brutal with the clock never stopping as the Colts dominate the Texans on floor and the Texans find themselves in third and long time after time.

What time is Texans-Colts?

  • Dated: Sunday 5 December 2021
  • To start up: 12h00 HC
  • Site: Houston, texas
  • Channel: SCS
  • Local channel: KHOU

How to stream Texans-Colts?

Most streaming services include local channels, which means you’ll be able to watch all of the Texans’ games if you live in the Houston area. NFL broadcast policy requires prime-time games to appear on live TV in the local market, which means that even if a game is on ESPN, it will also be on a local channel.

Below are those streaming services, the length of their free trial, and their cost thereafter.

If you’re a Texans fan and live outside of the Houston area, the only way to guarantee you can watch every game this season is with the NFL Sunday Ticket. The NFL broadcast card requires the home team’s game to be on TV, so if they’re playing against the Texans, you’re in luck. But if they’re up against someone else at the same time, you’re out of luck without the NFL Sunday Ticket.

For more information on streaming each Texans game this season, check out the full article on How to Stream Texans Games.

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