Jollygood Games Launches Racing Game Turbo Cursors For Windows And Linux

Jollygood Games has announced the immediate availability of Turbo Sliders 1.0.6, a new version of its hugely popular online multiplayer car racing game.

The new version of Turbo Sliders includes a long-awaited new feature: Computer Controlled Players. AI players are available in local and internet games, making the favorite multiplayer game an addicting single player experience. Other improvements in the new version include improved prediction techniques to avoid “lag” in Internet games. While players can host their own game servers, Jollygood Games has increased its own dedicated server capacity, including all new servers in China serving the rapidly growing Asian market.

Turbo Sliders is a car racing game with a classic top-down perspective and advanced multiplayer capabilities for large-scale internet competitions. The game’s dedicated networking technology allows up to 20 players to compete against each other over the internet. The game comes with a track editor that allows players to easily design their own tracks, using a collection of readily available graphics. Turbo Sliders is an in-house production of Jollygood Games. Updated information, along with screenshots, can be found on the game’s website:

A free demo version is available for download and the full version can be purchased from the Jollygood Games website. For a limited time, the Turbo Sliders are available at a special introductory price of $ 12.95 (the regular price is $ 19.95). The game runs on Windows and Linux and requires 32MB of memory.

Jollygood Games is a game developer and publisher focused on fun and addicting games for Windows and mobile platforms. More information about Jollygood Games can be found on the company’s website at


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