OnePlus Game Space is now on Google Play and adds game stats and instant games

In a bid to offer faster updates for its OxygenOS app suite, OnePlus has already released several of its apps on the Google Play Store. These include the popular OnePlus Gallery app, OnePlus Launcher, its Weather app, and more. Adding to the list, the company has now released the OnePlus Game Space app on the Play Store and added some new features in the latest version.

For those unaware, OnePlus Game Space is the company’s version of a game hub for OxygenOS that allows users to access all of their installed games in one place and provides some gameplay optimization features. The app comes pre-installed with OnePlus devices and offers features like notification controls, auto-brightness controls, an Fnatic mode for esports, display enhancements, and more. With the latest update, OnePlus added two new features to the app: Instant Games and Game Stats.


The Instant Games feature allows users to access Google Play Games’ library of instant games in OnePlus Game Space, including titles such as Microtrip, Mazes & More, and Sea Battle. These games can be played by simply tapping the game icon in the app and does not require users to install the games on their device. If you don’t want to see instant games in the app, you also have the option to disable the feature from the app settings.

The new Game Statistics feature, as the name suggests, provides users with useful data on their gaming habits. This includes information such as game time, most played game and battery usage for the game. current day and last week. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the Game Stats feature can be accessed by tapping on the app’s new graphics icon.

OnePlus Game Space Changelog

1. New instant games feature, play games instantly without downloading.
2. New game stats feature, view your game stats in Game Space.
3. Optimized automatic game recognition solution, now most of your installed games can be recognized by Game Space automatically!

If you want to try these features on your OnePlus device, you can now install the latest OnePlus Game Space update by following the Play Store link below.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the screenshots!

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