Poco F1 gets Game Turbo mode from Mi 9 and Game Toolbox 2.0 in latest beta update

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Smartphone gaming is the next big thing these days. Game publishers are constantly porting popular titles from consoles and PCs to mobile platforms, thanks to the increasing capabilities of the CPU and GPU,

Cross-platform multiplayer is another key factor that attracts the majority of mobile gamers. Smartphone makers have spotted an opportunity to bring “gaming” phones to the masses. Looking at the sales numbers, it looks like these RGB-laden cyberpunk themed phones are doing quite well.

Black Shark was created out of Xiaomi as an independent subsidiary to produce gaming phones. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has incorporated some handy gamer features into their in-house Android skin aka MIUI.

With the launch of the Mi 9, Xiaomi introduced a dedicated “Game Turbo” mode. According to the official description, the mode “predicts gameplay scenes and intelligently allocates resources for complicated scenes.”

Sounds like a fancy shader pre-cache mechanism, doesn’t it? They probably mix it up with some CPU frequency tweaks so that a short burst phase provides better gaming performance.

The Chinese equipment supplier also shipped a dedicated in-game toolbox that lets you see stats like CPU/GPU usage and FPS count. Additionally, there are options to adjust the touch sensitivity.

Xiaomi has gone a step further and planned to backport these features to their one-year-older flagship – the Mi 8 series. The news came from Li Weixing, the general manager of Xiaomi’s Internet division.

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The internal plan, shared by Li, had a number of smartphones in addition to the Mi 8 range to receive Game Turbo functionality in the following months. Surprisingly, Poco F1 (also known as Pocophone F1) was not present in the list.

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Some Poco users have reached out to Alvin Tse for feedback. Alvin, the head of Pocophone Global, gave no ETA.

Believe it or not, MIUI developers have secretly integrated these features into Poco F1 closed betas. When this became not-so-secret news, Alvin assumed responsibility for the company.

The latest global beta i.e. MIUI 9.3.21 for Pocophone F1 brought Game Turbo mode along with Game Toolbox 2.0.

The beta version is currently offered to a handful of users, but thanks to the Xiaomi Firmware Updater project, we can share the direct link of the OTA update zip.

  • Device: Poco F1 / Pocophone F1
  • Code name: beryllium
  • Channel: Global Beta (India)
  • Version: 9.3.21
  • Android: 9.0
    • Type: Salvage
      • To download: Link
      • MD5: eb8cb2202a204a6e2046937127568a45

The OTA changelog, however, says nothing about new features. I guess Xiaomi needs to hire a bunch of new editors. ?


Do you have the beta update on your Poco? Let us know by commenting below.

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