Star Trek Space Crew-style simulation game will get a massive free expansion

The space simulation game Space Crew is an ironic Star Trek-style game that mixes elements of FTL and other roguelites in a fun and friendly way. In our review, we lamented the lack of meaningful management and choice elements, but enjoyed it for what it was.

Many others have followed suit, it seems, as publisher Curve Digital announced today that Space Crew: Legendary Edition will be released later this month. The new edition introduces a host of new content such as a new campaign, a new mechanic in the form of outside missions, and even new “legendary” crew members.

The campaign will see you take on an army of droids led by a group of rogue androids, while the new crew members will feature superior stats and abilities compared to the regular crew. Finally, the new outdoor missions can feature a range of challenges, from exploration and puzzles to good old-fashioned shootouts. This expansion is not only the biggest content drop for Space Crew yet, it’s 100% free for existing owners of the base game.

Here is the announcement trailer:

Space Crew: Legendary Edition will be released on PC via Steam on October 21, and the base game will be available at a 60% discount until October 20, the day before release.

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