Talking Cs-Dubs Finals and the Evolution of Space with Mike Prada

In many ways, the 2022 NBA Finals series between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors is a series for a long time. From the heyday of the 1960s pitting Bill Russell against Wilt Chamberlain to the current 3-point revolution sparked in large part by the Dubs and the defense the Celtics built to slow down, the way these two teams played each other serves as a tangible story of the evolution of the league.

It turns out that The Athletic’s Mike Prada has just finished a book that retraces the course of this evolution. In “Spaced Out: How the NBA’s Three-Point Revolution Changed Everything You Thought You Knew About Basketball,” the two teams currently facing each other in the Finals play a key role, making Prada an ideal interlocutor on how this series might unfold. unroll. .

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In this episode of CLNS Media’s “Celtics Lab” podcast, Prada joins your usual hosts Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn to talk about his new book, how it relates to the basketball we’re about to see unfold and what we should expect from this Celtics-Dubs battle.

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If you want a deeper understanding of how the game has changed over time without having to take a crash course in NBA tactics, or just want to know who we think will win the 2022 title, c is the module for you.

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