Tech Valley Playground: River Jam

One of the projects in the recent AOA Startup Grant competition that really caught our attention was the Tech Valley Game Space, a Troy-based project aimed at opening up the world of video game creation to a wider group of people.

TVGS has a public event coming up this month called River Jam, “a free ‘learn how to make a game in 48 hours’ event” designed for newbie game makers who identify as women. Blurbage:

The first event in the #include series will be River Jam – a free 48-hour “game jam” to be held at the Arts Center in Troy beginning the same day as River Fest (Saturday June 20) and continuing throughout the weekend. The jam will also be preceded by an optional “Introduction to Game Development” workshop taking place the previous weekend (June 13-14), also at the Arts Center. Although the jam is open to all participants, the main goal of this event is to encourage new game creators who identify as women to register. Thus, participants meeting these criteria will be given priority in the event of limited places.

In addition to making an effort to reach participants who identify as women, we are also looking for women to help serve as volunteer mentors and provide advice to jammers. If you are a local developer who would be willing to volunteer time to help provide expertise and support during the River Jam, please send a message to [email protected] with a brief summary of your background and availability during the River Jam. jam weekend.

River Jam is just one of the upcoming events hosted by TVGS – others include showcases and book club-style gatherings, but for video games.

The TVGS coworking studio is located at 291 River St. in downtown Troy.

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