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Have you played the recent LOSS titles and think, “Hmm, doesn’t that have enough over-the-top action for me?”. Were you disappointed by the severe lack of chainsaw leg raises in Cyberpunk 2077? If that is the case, Turbo Boost just might be the game you’ve been waiting your whole life for. Taking the two words in its title incredibly seriously, this game is most certainly fast-paced and most certainly brutal.

Inspired by boomer-shooters of yore like LOSS and earthquakeand with a healthy dose of Fifth Element and Blade Runner vibes in the mix, Turbo Boost looks like a cyberpunk sandbox of death and destruction. It’s fast, violent and satisfying. Each of the weapons has a varied style of use, allowing you to switch between them in the heat of battle, changing the punishment you inflict in rewarding ways.

With an ever-growing list of weapons and abilities that you earn as you progress through the levels, the action is fast-paced as you take on hordes of cyborg enemies that wouldn’t look out of place. in a System shock Gameplay. Luckily, the level design lends itself well to the maneuverability of your character, Johnny Turbo. Initially able to slide, double jump, and dash through the air, you start the game with plenty of ways to traverse the arenas, both in the tighter hallways and in the more vertical open areas.

turbo overkill screenshot 6

My God, what big teeth you have!

The graphics toe the line between old-school 90s shooters, but with a little more polish around the edges, creating a nice mix of pixel-style 3D environments and effects paired with great lighting and a enemy design. It reminds me of Valheim in that way, like it’s mimicking an original PlayStation game, but with the vastness and ambition of a modern version. The result of Turbo BoostThe neon-infused level design reflecting off your weapons and weather effects also ties the ribbon perfectly into the whole cyberpunk vibe.

Beyond the satisfaction of your gunshots and the roar of your chainsaw is the superb soundtrack. As synth-heavy as you’d expect from a game with a cyberpunk aesthetic, but with a healthy dose of heavy guitars and thundering drums to keep your pulse pumping during firefights. It is clear that there is an influence of Mick Gordon DEATH (2016) and Eternal DOOM soundtracks in the composition, which really adds to Turbo Boostaction sequences.

If you can help but dive into the levels and get lost in the fights, there are plenty of secrets to find, with tapes and tech chips in hard-to-reach or hidden areas, as well as massive pickups of health and armor. to reward you. To keep things interesting you can level up further with boosts you can find through levels or buy from vending machines with money you earn from killing enemies, granting extra bonuses like picking up armor for every kill with your chainsaw leg or run over a wall. .

turbo overkill screenshot 3

I hope you don’t mind me bumping into you like this.

Turbo Boost sets a great precedent for Early Access. While it doesn’t yet have the content of a full title, it offers an experience that feels like a finished game at the same time. I didn’t encounter the usual array of pesky bugs or crashes that plague many other Early Access titles, and while the graphics might not be the most intensive, they’re still incredibly well optimized. I didn’t drop any notable frames or had to sacrifice visuals for performance reasons.

As the first title from developer Trigger Happy Interactive, Turbo BoostThe current version of provides a nice little piece of the game with the intro episode and shows great promise for what’s to come. The only question that remains is: why the need for so much horrific graphic violence? As Quentin Tarantino illustrates, “Because it’s so much fun!”

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