Wordle: what is it, how to play viral word game online, today’s answer 215 (January 20), tips and tricks, and more.

Wordle took over Twitter and other social media platforms. The new online game is all about testing your vocabulary, although it’s one of the simplest games in the format you can have so far. The rules are pretty simple and straightforward: all you have to do is guess the five-letter word. All users around the world will attempt to guess the same word daily, with the goal of getting the correct answer with a minimum of guesswork.

The beauty of this online game is that it can be played in any browser, whether on desktop or mobile. This, together with the great graphics you can share when you guess the right word, makes it even more addicting. So, if you want to know everything about this viral game, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about Wordle, how to play it, what are the rules and of course, some good tips to play it like a pro.

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Wordle: Answer of the Day 215 (January 20)

Wordle: What is it?

Wordle is an everyday word game that you can play in your browser. Note that there are no official apps for this game, although there are several copious ones that have flooded the app stores. The game is quite simple to play: you will have to guess the word of the day in six attempts. The game changes the word every 24 hours. The object of the game is to guess a random five-letter word. If your word has the right letter in the right place, that letter will appear green. If your guessed word includes a letter that appears in the word of the day, but is in the wrong place, it will be displayed in yellow. Finally, if the letter is not present in the word, it will appear in gray. Players can only enter six words into the game.

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Why is it popular?

Worlde has taken the internet by storm. The rules of the game are quite simple and the best part is that when you guess the right word, you can even share it on your social networks. Interestingly, when shared, it only shows the trip with the series of grey, yellow and green boxes and not the correct word. Plus, all the other players are also playing the same puzzle, which is a great way to start a conversation or brag about your accomplishments on your social media handle. More importantly, you can only play one puzzle per day, which means you only have one chance to guess the correct word on any given day.

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Wordle: how to play

Anyone can play Wordle, from their desktop or mobile device. The game only requires an active internet connection and a browser. Here is how you can play this game easily:

  1. Click it link to open the game in your browser.
  2. Once done, you will see a 5 x 6 grid and a keyboard below it.
  3. The first thing you need to do is guess any 5 letter word. If the letter is present in the last word but is not in the right place, it will be highlighted in yellow. If the letter is in the right place, it will be displayed in green. If the letter is not present in the word, it will appear in gray. Note that you have to guess real words, not a random combination of letters. The game will only accept words from the dictionary.
  4. Using the process of elimination and guesswork, try to find the correct word.
  5. Once you find the correct word or make six attempts, the game will show you statistics. You can click Share to copy the stats and share them on your social media IDs.

Wordle tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find useful while playing the game.

Choose the first word

The first thing to remember when playing this game is to choose the right word. In order to cover as many letters as possible, try using a word with three vowels and five different letters. For example, you might consider using words like Media, Radio, Notes, Acrid, Resin, Loath, Senor, Ducat, Chino, Roate and more.

The keyboard is your friend

Conveniently, Wordle’s keyboard also shows you letters in green, yellow, and gray. This makes it easier to enter words by using or eliminating letters as needed.

Do not guess new words with gray letters

Once a letter is grayed out, do not use it in subsequent guessed words. You will end up losing points in the game. Instead, take your time and try to find different word options.

Keep an eye out for the yellow letters

Once a letter is highlighted in yellow, you can be sure it is in your last word. Keep an eye on your subsequent guesses. You may discover the correct location of a yellow letter simply by eliminating previous positions where the letter appeared. For example, in the screenshot below, we were able to guess the correct placement of the letters ‘R’ and ‘E’ just by using the process of elimination.

Guess the British and American spellings

Recently, Wordle sparked outrage after the word of the day turned out to be “Favor”, which is the American spelling of “Favor”. Since Wordle’s creator, Josh Wardle, is British, fans assumed the game would only use British spellings. Obviously that’s not the case, so be sure to consider American spelling in future games as well.

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